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Posted by on Sep 12, 2019 in Cheating, Dating, Gallery, Love, Love and Relationships, Our Services, Relationships, Sex | 0 comments

Why Prostate Massage Will Lead to Orgasm

Why Prostate Massage Will Lead to Orgasm

Having a is one of the effective ways of achieving sexual contentment in males. Medical experts specialized in reproductive systems are encouraging this form of massage which aims at improving and enhancing the functions of the prostate gland. The massage helps men achieve intensive orgasms through prostate stimulation. This form of massage leads to prostate orgasms in men, and it doesn’t require penile penetration or partner linking. There reported instances where certain individuals achieve intensive orgasms that are 400 times more pleasurable than the regular orgasms. This form of the massage requires pertinent skills to help an individual achieve the orgasm both safely and effectively.

The experience is said to derive extreme pleasure as well as achieve certain health benefits such as enhanced prostate gland performance and reduced chances of getting prostatitis or prostate cancer. You need to learn the basics of the prostate gland to help you get a better understanding of how you get a prostate massage. The prostate gland is a small organ that appears like a small walnut ball inside the male reproductive system. The gland is positioned between the bladder and the lower part of the rectum. The gland is made up of millions of nerves and tissues which get stimulated to release the prostate fluid. The fluid is responsible for providing a conducive environment for the sperms to survive inside the vaginal walls by regulating the pH levels.

When a man ejaculates the white prostate fluid, there are remnants of the fluid left behind. Improper and incomplete discharge of the prostate fluid could cause prostate-related conditions. Experts around the world not only recommend the massage for pleasure and relaxation but also health purposes. The prostate massage requires a set of skill that could be carried out by a skilled adult escort or a medical practitioner. There are paraphernalia you could use to help you perform the massage such as a lubricant and prostate massager. They are used to conduct the massage in a safe and controlled way to avoid causing injuries to the anus.

The prostate massage gives out wonderful sensational orgasms that could be compared with a female G- spot orgasm. The level of ecstasy is high and quite different from the normal penile orgasm experienced through normal penetration. Escorts need to have the required skills and knowledge to conduct prostate massage. It is also necessary to acquire such services from endorsed escorts who understand this male G spot. Remember, it is crucial to get the massage safely and effectively to avoid injuries.

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